BlowYo Sensation Swirl Стимулятор для пениса

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BlowYo Sensation Swirl Стимулятор для пениса

BlowYo Sensation Swirl - инновационный стимулятор пениса, как для самостоятельного использования, так и для дополнительного наслаждения во время классического орального секса. Во время использования революционная игрушка подарит максимум удовольствия мужчине. Интенсивную стимуляцию обеспечивает сверхэластичный материал и интересный рельеф в виде закрученной спирали. В комплекте контейнер для переноски. Стимулятор легко чистится и сохранится как новый с порошком BlowYo Renewer.

Ключевые особенности:

  • Супер эластичный материал
  • Для совместного и одиночного применения
  • Можно использовать во время орального секса
  • Контейнер для хранения
Как ощущается

Содержит латекс: Нет
Содержит фталаты: Нет
Гибкость: Мягкий
Материал: ТРЕ (Термопластичный эластомер)
Водонепроницаемость: Погружаемый


Пульт управления: Нет
Для какой зоны: На половой член
Для кого: Мужской
Длина: 5 см
Диаметр: 8 см
Внетренний диаметр: 2,6 см

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Breadmoney, 12.12.2017
  • Packaging, the idea of using it as a stroker and couple toy, and the swirl.
  • Nothing much really

This product is really good for a blowjob. The material is soft and stretchy, while the swirl texture adds pleasure as she blows the head. Given enough lube, it feels like the whole length is being taken in on an oral.

So the packaging of this product was really attractive (one of the reasons I got this), and the packaging was discreet as it is claimed to be, but the main thing is that it is worth the penny as I can use it as a solo stroker and a couple toy, instead of getting two separate toys.

As for solo play, the stroker is not as long as other strokers, and the handle part is hard so it might be a little bit difficult to hold in for a long period of use.

Overall, this is a good product and is worth getting as it serves multifunctions (oral and solo).

Alwaysfinishing2nd, 07.11.2017
  • Everything. It’s small and discreet.
  • Nothing.

This product is magical, I hate blowjobs but my partner loves them, this product is a lifesaver for me anyways. My partner loves this product.

We use a Durex lubricant for the product and my partner says it’s just as good as the real thing. The best part is I can give him a “blowjob” and he can still pleasure me. Best moment.

It’s small and discreet when delivered and is very easy to store at home. I definitely recommend this to any partner who can’t stand the thought of giving blowjobs but still wants to give their partner pleasure.

The product is very simple to use, just slide the product over the penis with lubricant and move it up and down with your hand. It simply works by the product creating a sucking sensation. It’s very easy to use and very comfortable.

GayGuy32, 04.10.2017
  • It’s durabilty, look, compactability, feel and it’s super easy to clean.
  • Hard to hold after a prolonged period of time.

Owning a few strokers and male masturbators, I was eager to try this out because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good BJ!

It’s made from durable, stretchy material and features a hardened top and bottom for ease of grip during usage of the item. Coming in a compact plastic case it can be discreetly placed on a shelf in the bathroom or bedroom and can easily pass for a tub of hair product (yes, that’s where I conceal mine), the intensity of the product is amazing and thoroughly feels like you’re being stimulated by another person's mouth.

The only downside to it is after a while it can be quite hard to keep a hold of due to the material feeling very thick due to the expansion of your erect penis and my upper right arm did begin to ache a little, but other than those two inadequacies it was the perfect item and I will most definitely be purchasing the other three in the BlowYo set in the future.

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