Pivot by We-Vibe. Эрекционное вибро-кольцо с дистанционным управлением

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Pivot by We-Vibe. Эрекционное вибро-кольцо с дистанционным управлением

Created for couples providing both comfort and stability allowing for a variety of sex positions.

Soft and stretchy, it’s comfortable to wear
and provides hands-free clitoral stimulation
with powerful rumbly vibrations.


The Pivot vibrating ring delivers the design and quality consumers have come to expect from We-Vibe®. Soft and stretchy, it fits penises of different sizes while providing stability and support. To enhance pleasure, Pivot is powered by the Tango by We-Vibe™ motor, a benchmark in powerful rumbly vibrations.

Apply We-Vibe™ Lube — made by pjur® to the vibrating couples ring. Stretch band over penis and slide down. Pivot can be used in a variety of positions or even during foreplay.

Pivot can be worn in different ways, find a position that is comfortable for you.


Powerful rumbly vibrations
The rumbly vibrations stimulate the perineum during masturbation or sex with a partner.

USB rechargeable
Convenient and eco-friendly, Pivot is rechargeable and lasts for up to 2 hours of play on a single charge. No need for costly and wasteful disposable batteries.

Comfortable design
Unique design made with silky smooth silicone that is soft and gentle on the body.


With the free We-Connect™ app you can play and share control of Pivot from anywhere, create custom vibes and play together with other We-Vibe® products.


We don’t want to restrict play so we made Pivot 100% waterproof making it easy to enjoy anywhere and simple to clean.

Low power alert
Tells you when Pivot needs a charge before vibrations weaken so it’s ready to go next time.

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Очень жду эту модель, видел много видео и рекламы. И клиторальный вибратор и эрекционное кольцо на аккумуляторе

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